Eat Sherbit

Eat SherBit is a Deep house artist tearing up the streets around Johannesburg and Pretoria. With a
combination of deep and dirty tracks, Eat SherBit keeps the energy high and the crowd dancing for
hours. For the past 6 years Eat SherBit has been refining the craft of mixing to provide the audiences
with a professional and awe-inspiring listening experience. With a collection of never-heard-before
underground tracks, Eat SherBit continuously brings a fresh new element to the deep house genre.
With a knack for understanding music, Eat SherBit has taken to the field of producing with
innovative techniques and a profusion of creative power. Looking to take the industry by storm, get
excited to listen to some SherBit tunes in a location near you.
Career Highlights
 Truth Nightclub
 Corona present Peachy Beach Festival
 Nicci Beach
 Stones Bedfordview
 Arcade Empire
 Park Acoustics Cabin Fever Floor
 Cirque #StreetParty @ Tennessee Nightclub
 BassDrop events @ The Dutch

 Residency at JYNX Nightclub
 DJ at Switch Playground
 Residency at the Jolly Rojer Hatfield
 Residency at Latino’s Bistro, Hatfield
 Residency at Tennessee, Hatfield

 Ranked #2 in the CULTURE II DJ SHOWCASE

Record Labels
 Smashed Records
 UFO Records

Eating SherBit.mp4

Performed Alongside
 Vimo
 Chunda Munki
 Trademarc
 Lady Lea
 Kyle Worde
 Advent
 Master Simz
 Bongani Zulu
 Vin Groovin

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