Born and raised in Kimberly, South Africa. LiL MAis’ love for music stemmed from the old school classics.
He has been dj’ing for about 13years now, and played alongside some of SA’s greatest underground Deep house Dj’s with the late DukeSoul happen to be one of them.

Leaving the diamond city in pursuit of the City of Gold, LiL MAi found himself at a small local radio station Eden Radio where his network started to grow and expand.

Lil Mai has hosted and played at many gigs in & around SA alongside Nash da DJ/Tesh/Laminin Music and Household Funk just to name a few, who has been instrumental in his brand exposure.

The last 8yrs music production has been LiL MAis’ passion and he will be debuting his first 2 Deep House Hits right here on with plenty more still to come.

Keep a look out for this Legend in the making.

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