ST: So, Automation, tell us a bit about you. What got you into dance music, and what style(s) do you dj / produce?

A: During my High School days I really enjoyed many genres of music, everything from Rock to Dance music. I enjoyed the idea (and still do) of keeping an open mind to all genres, but as for the Dance Music Scene, it all started with old school Trance. From there I got introduced to a variety of electronic music and found love in Drum and Bass music and I’ve never looked back. Since then, I really enjoy genres such as Bass House, Tech House and Brazilian Bass to name a few. I will be releasing a Brazilian Bass track in the near future, something different from ‘Deliquescent’.

ST: Sounds, like you're pretty diverse! Who are some of the local and international guys that inspire you?

A: There are so many artists that inspire me to push myself to become an Internationally recognised artist, I believe you have to continuously learn something new each day to stay ahead so I’m constantly researching new developments and ideas to produce beautiful music that people can relate to. Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Andy C, Illusionize, Dual Channels, Break, Audio, The Prototypes, Pendulum, Malaa, Groove Delight and AC Slater are a good few that come to mind when I think of International artists. Locally, I’ve been inspired by the likes of Retrosonic, Grimehouse, Kyle Watson and Xcidia to name a few, but if I’m honest, all Producers and/or DJ’s that create something special would be the people I look up to and strive to be.

ST: In terms of the set you have cooked up for us, what can we expect?

A: The set is a very Melodic, Liquid Drum and Bass Mix. As a bass head, I like to be taken on a journey every time I listen or create a set. Each time I perform, whether it be Drum and Bass or Bass House, I enjoy the challenges of speaking to the crowd through my selection and transitions, allowing them to enjoy every second and feel the emotion behind each track. I hope everyone who listens to the mix forgets about time and feels revitalized at the end. Enjoy it here.

ST: About your new tune Deliquescent. Firstly, what does that mean, and then tell us about the tune?

A: Well, the word Deliquescent means to become liquid, or have a tendency to become liquid. I was always more of a fan of Jump Up and hard-hitting Drum and Bass tracks, however, Liquid Drum and Bass have really stolen my heart as I feel very relaxed, yet full of energy when I either listen or produce such tracks. I think the meaning behind Deliquescent is that I am enjoying the Liquid side of Drum and Bass, being that this is my first Liquid Drum and Bass Single, you could say it’s a form of transition in my production. I was taking on average about 6 weeks to produce a track, from start to finish, Deliquescent took me 15 days from start to finish, so it’s really something I’m very proud of and I’m happy the way the track turned out.

n terms of your production, do you mix down and master your own tracks?

A: This is a very tricky process which I am learning to do on my own. I must give all the credit to Retrosonic A.K.A Jayson Ralph from Retrosonic Studios for the mixdown and mastering process for Deliquescent. Retrosonic has been a huge inspiration to my music, he is constantly pushing me to become better every day and without his help, Deliquescent would not sound the same!

ST: Awesome stuff! So Supertunez is quite a unique record label and online store that is going to donate 50% of all proceeds from your tune to charity. How do feel about this concept, and do you think its something more SA artists could get behind?

A: Most certainly! When I heard about the concept of Supertunez, I was really excited to get involved! I believe there are many people who wish to produce good music, but get put off by either the time it takes or what will happen when they do finally get a track ready. The fact that the tracks can help not only the artists but also some amazing charities, is something I hope many labels can look into in the near future and create a community that generates positivity throughout all genres!

ST: What are your thoughts about our South African music scene in general?

A: The South African Scene is very diverse, but I believe SA has come a long way over the years. International artists are now recognising South African artists more and more and I feel this is a big step and a huge move for South Africa!

ST: Fun question - if you could attend any event in the world - what would it be?

A: Hospitality On The Beach, for sure! It’s jam-packed with all of the best Drum and Bass artists all at one festival. Just looking at the upcoming 2019 festival Line-up, to see that much talent over those few days would be something very inspiring to me!

ST: Well, thank you so much for sharing. For the fans - where can we catch you?

A: It’s only an absolute pleasure! Thank you so much for having me, it’s been rad! You can catch me on most weekends at Jynx Nightclub in Pineslopes, Fourways, but as for all the other upcoming gigs, I would suggest they check out my Facebook Artists Page to keep up-to-date!

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